NutriSoft: Advancing Nutrition and Health Sciences and Accelerating the future

According to the official definition of the World Health Organization, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is wealth indeed and NutriSoft is aimed and positioned to contribute to healthy lifestyle worldwide majorly from the perspective of healthy eating. Accelerating the future of healthcare is encompassing and nutrition is one of the major factor to ensure healthy generation. Nutrisoft offer six services which include:

Ask a Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian

A lot of questions are bothering folks out there regarding healthy eating, we can actually google our questions but with this service a qualified nutritionist/dietitian from our team will answer your questions and you get response within 24 to 48 hours. After careful review of your questions you will get a response via your e-mail. Isn’t that awesome, a live person carefully answers your question and send guides to achieve your aims.

Nutrition Calculator

One of the aims of NutriSoft is to make assessment easier, with our calculator your can easily calculate the body mass index, body fat mass, the body density and so many more. Nutrition calculator is designed for health care providers and it is very easy to use and very accurate.

Medical Abbreviations

This section contain Medical abbreviations curled from oxford concise medical dictionary and it will be useful for health care professionals, students, patient and the general masses. You can easily navigate through and check all the abbreviations. They are listed in alphabetical order for enhance easy navigation.

Biochemical Ranges

Lab tests are very important in diagnosis, NutriSoft give you the acceptable ranges for various lab tests. This is good for health professionals, students and general public who wish to know more about their body chemistry and easily talk about it with their health care providers. Reference biochemical ranges on NutriSoft include: Biochemical reference values for blood, Biochemical reference values for Urine, Biochemical reference values for faeces, Biochemical reference values for cerebrospinal fluid, Hematological reference values and Paediatric reference values

Open Courses (Mini- Course)

This is one of the most interesting service renders by NutriSoft, most of our courses are free and set pace. Just come to the open course section and learn at your own pace. Most of our courses are mini courses and you can finish them with two hours. Enlightenment is very important in ensuring health future and nutrisoft is aimed to accelerate the future. Our mission is to see healthy world and increase life expectancy. Mini courses provided by NutriSoft are prepared by professionals and are easy to read and understand.


The blog will bring you some breakthrough in the world of health sciences and how those breakthroughs could affect our life. This section will communicate evidence base science to our audience and together we shall achieve a healthy world. NutriSoft is here to contribute its quota to the existing hard work being set up by others to help people achieve healthy lifestyle. We are open to partnership and together will can put smile in people face. Thank You